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Oh my god, I still can't believe this... thank you so much, everyone! I'm flattered that 500 accounts would follow me... thank you again! I'd like to thank these people in particular for being great friends:
@woIven - thank you for always being there for me, and fangirling over everything. I'm so happy we're friends, and I bet we'll be friends long after this :D
@Lucy_Lu - thank you for all those endless nights chatting about everything, those help so much with my stress, I couldn't be more grateful for them- and I bet we'll have many more to come.
@Candylanguagegirl - thank you for believing in me enough to let go of your child and hand it off to me. And thank you for being a great person, and for always being open for a good chat
● All the leaders of SWC, past and present- thank you for being wonderful people. I couldn't work with a better group, and every session, you never cease to impress me.
● The Studio For Pointless Rants- thank you for letting me complain, chat, and daydream without judging me. The community is full of amazing people, and I probably would have left Scratch a bit ago if it weren't for you guys.
Also, I'm so sorry for not posting many projects, I'll be sure to share more soon- I have quite a few in the makes that I can't wait to finish.
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