Keyboard Ghosting Test

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Quick little project to test keyboard ghosting.
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This happens when the way a keyboard is wired means it cannot detect certain keys being held down together.
Most keyboards can reliably detect most combinations of 3 keys being held down. However, there are often 3-key combos that cannot be detected - for example, left+up+down arrows at once.

You can use this project to check which key controls you should not use for two-player game (i.e. two players on the same keyboard).

The layout used here corresponds to a typical UK Mac laptop (i.e. like mine). However, you can drag the keys to wherever you want. :)
Note that there will be many keys that certain keyboards have which are not shown here, but Scratch can only detect letters a--z, digits 1-9, space and arrow keys anyway (without hacking the key pressed block, at least...)

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