Super Mario Bros. Scratched! *BETA*

remixed by Saca312
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Notes and Credits (added by Saca312)

thx! OMG!!!! 1000 views!!!!!!!

cmon, i dont like being stuck at 911 views 0.0 RAISE IT UP TO 1000 VIEWS!!!!!
beta v1.1- Fixed random black dots bug.

beta v1.2- fixed the visible death line.

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im tempted to curate't


sorry, weegee's journeys will have to wait :P

It's (kinda) here! Super Mario Bros. by Saca312 has finally came!!!! Featuring (so far 1) levels, Epic graphics, and weekly updates!!!! This beta isn't that good, but the full version will include:

=Graphic Fixes :P=

=1-5 Worlds, Including a secret one!!!!=
=more enemies=
=title screen and selection=
=name change to EPIC Super Mario Bros. Scratched!=
=4 levels per world=
=score system=
=Save System=

and some credits:

thanks to antionyarsenide for the epic infinite scroll engine.

Credit to maximanz for Max face :P

Credit to Jnnintendo for music

if you don't like advertisements and just don't want to see other scratchers good work, then don't read the rest of the description and play!


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And that's it!!!! Enjoy the game!!!


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