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Welcome to Game of Kings Online Chess, where you can play chess online with other Scratchers, or watch an ongoing game! If you like the project, please give it a ★ and a ♥.

You must have SCRATCHER LEVEL TO PLAY THIS (due to cloud variables). You might have to WAIT UP TO 30 SECONDS FOR OBTAINING A GAME SLOT OR FOR GOK TO PLAY, if the previous player disconnected ungracefully. To move a piece, simply click it, then click the target field.

After program start you are placed onto a player slot immediately if available, otherwise you can watch the ongoing game in the meantime. If a slots gets free, click the"Join" button to take over (the info message in right bottom states whether one is available). Once you got a playing slot and it's your turn, click the piece to move, then click the field to move to.

You have 30 seconds for each move, otherwise the slot can be obtained by someone else.

As a spectator, you can watch the ongoing game. Either human vs. human, or human vs. the GoK engine, or GoK engine vs. the GoK engine.

Online Chess, Cloud Chess, Community Chess, Multiplayer Chess, Twoplayer Chess, Internet Chess, Web Chess.

Notes and Credits

Forked from the GoK Chess engine project: GoK plays at level "Easy" in this online version.

Pen text engine:

Remix Instructions: Please have a look at the sprite "RemixInstructions", which contains detailed information on how to create a remix with cloud variables and a helper script.

Board image:



Sound Effects:

So after I saw Will_Wam's Community Chess project, I finally did what I promised nearly a year ago and cranked out an online two player version of GoK in one night of coding. The approach is different from Community Chess, as it's always one-on-one in GoK Chess Online. Everyone else can watch in the meantime and wait for a player slot to get available. If there are too few players around, the GoK chess engine takes over.

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