Beginning Digital Art (Tutorial thingy)

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Beginning Digital Art

Hey guys :) This is my little tutorial/guide/thingy about my
tips and advice on getting started with digital art!
I basically just talk about
- Choosing a program
- Brushes
- Layers/clipped layers

I know it's not a lot and it's kind of a mess ... but yeahh... XD

use the arrow keys/space to navigate.

I am by no means an expert and am still learning a LOT
about digital art. These are just some tips that I think
beginners in digital art might find helpful ^-^

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments!
(u could also post other tutorial suggestions?? idk XD)

Also, I mainly have just used Medibang Paint, Firealpaca, and
Scratch, so if you have any advice for the other programs or
have noticed something in there that isn't quite right, please
let me know!
If you want me to add more programs, please give me a little info about them (Just tell me if it's bitmap or vector or both), What it's mainly used for, and the main pros and cons of using it ^-^ Thanks for your help!
(Programs I need more info. on....
- Piskel
- Clip Studio Paint)

I sadly do not include anything about drawing tablets. That
is because I am only familiar with the kind I have and frankly
do not know much about them ;-;
(I have a Wacom Intuous Draw btw and I love it ^-^ )
You can find out more hereee:

- Font in the thumbnail is from google.
- Helvetica font from scratch
- other writing is my handwriting lol
- All art in project by me, @ExperienceSea
- I used this image to help with the bitmap/vector slide
- and this one:
- Also, the color scheme in this project is from an image I saw on
procreate's website.
- The sample brush things are from medibang paint btw

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