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Look! A failed attempt at pseudo-3D! XD
***WARNING*** This game may be a bit glitchy.

Standard platformer controls...
+ Press [SPACE] to move a bit in the 3rd dimension

100% pen :)
This is probably one of my easier games.
This obviously still needs a LOT of work especially with the graphics and the 3D effect, oftentimes the platforms and the player are layered incorrectly. I'm probably not gonna fix that though since fixing it will require redoing 90% of the code :(

Mar 08, 2018: Surpassed Void and become my most viewed project without being front paged :)

May 02, 2018: 98 loves... can we get 100?!
May 09, 2018: 100 LOVES!!!! Thank you! XD
Sep 22, 2018: 1000 VIEWS EYYYYYY

Code/graphics/idea 100% me.
Inspired by @xOnic's 2.5

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