Chobo EXTREME Beta

by RT-Test
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October 7, 2012

Do not consider me back. This is just an update to fix a couple glitches. When I say I might add some more, I'm not making any promises.

But I might add some more... xP

EDIT: Added in a quality changer. Should make things faster for slow computers. Press "q" to toggle between the qualities.
EDIT: Added in a darkened effect when the game is paused.

January 19, 2012

I forgot to share this two days ago... whoops. xD

In this update, the health birds should now be able to give you health.

January 16, 2012

That was the most frustrating three days of my entire life. See, the bird script is VERY LONG. And when you need to duplicate something that is VERY LONG 8 TIMES, it can get pretty messy. And by that I mean that Scratch crashed more than... Imagine every person in the world. Then imagine them all drunk. Finally, imagine every one of them driving on a highway. And that's a lot of crashing.

January 13, 2012

My first update of 2012! YAY!!! x3

Anyways, I fixed the lag on extreme mode by making the darkened hills and sky individual costumes, instead of using the darken effect and causing the flash player to be reduced to 1 fps.

Lulz. Also, I added different music again. This will be the music for good, now. I think. xD

Now, you're probably wondering: "Rahi, when are you gonna add the DANG BIRDS?!"
Well you'll be surprised to find that they are... STILL NOT DONE YET LOL
You shall be delighted, however, to find a single bird that flies across the screen! Unkillable, except when it leaves the screen, which then it just resets as a new bird.

Enjoy! Next update is soon. I think.

November 11, 2011

Heh. Score is complete. And I finished the mode select. They don't change anything as of yet, however. Oh, and mission will be added after the game's official release. The other three modes will be included however.

Next up is time, and I may attempt to fix a couple more glitches.

Thanks for playing! xD

November 3, 2011

Cars are done.

October 21, 2011


Everything should be VERY glitchless. And nou you can see the pause button. :D

Fixed a tiny lighting glitch.

Also, I started programming the cars finally!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

As soon as I finish the cars, I'll work on the score bar and the score recieved showy thingy. XD



October 17th, 2011


I guess that doesn't work in the flash player... This should though. XD

October 17th, 2011

I converted it to two sprites to speed things up. :/

Some other stuff should work now, too though.

October 14th, 2011

No enemies yet.

Made completely from scratch this time!
Okay, maybe I looked at eRKSToCK's scripts a LITTLE. XD

This version has no enemies yet!
Or credits...
Everything else is fully functional!


1.Pregame screen
2.Awesome Music
3.MENU >:U
4.Color changer
6.difficulty (fully fnctional, but you can't tell because of the lack of enemies) font
9.improved physics
10.two layers of scrolling
11.sun swings wider (Personally, I think this looks better...
12.I'm just typing these as I think of them. XD
13.Pause button (with fully fnctional pause menu!)[It's in the upper-left hand corner]
14.Art for two new enemies
15. I think that's it for now. Here's some important things that I haven't added as of this moment:

1.Enemies (duh)
2.credits (also duh XD)
4.gamemode menu
7.score added popups
8.combo bar bar
10.There's probably more, but by this point I just want to be done typing. XD

Navigate around this project, there's a lot to see. Have fun! :D

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