Advanced 3D Flight Simulator v2

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11/5/11: 1000 views!!!!!!!!!!
Replace in the curated spot by treebark1313. Good job treebark!
10/18/11: 8:45 P.M.: 650 views, 3 taggers, 41 love-its, 1 remix, 134 downloads, 11 galleries, and 26 favoriters. :D
Made me believe: He will give you good ideas please visit his projects! Inspired by jji7skyline.
10/17/11: 6:17 P.M: 517 views, 2 taggers, 36 people love it, 106 downloads, in 11 galleries, 25 favoriters! Thanks again to Saca312! 10/16/11: 6:45 p.m:414 views, 2 taggers, 28 love-its, 72 downloads, 11 galleries, and 21 favoriters; 10:06 A.M: Uploaded 5 days, 15 hours ago, 346 views, 2 taggers, 25 love-its, 63 downloads, 11 galleries, 20 favoriters!
10/15/11: Inspired someone:
10/15/11: So far I've replied to every comment. I do like it when you tag my projects, but don't add the code.I just deleted one. Thanks Saca312! 10/14/11 Finally front-paged! The views grow and grow!
Download! Too fast online! My best project yet! Now you have distance traveled! Choose time of day, a different plane, watch the plane gadgets, and even control the speed! Controls: Z and X to tilt wings, up, down, left, right to change angle, and space to spped up! Realistic speeding up! The switch turns on and off,activating night vision.Please advertise so it can get front-paged. Check out cmp8841,KrisMa, Clurky, and JackRio's projects! That gallery is the key to doughnut awesomeness!

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