Julia v1.1 Database Chatbot!

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A small fix that addresses a bug that makes the chat engine recognise a and an as objects in a fact.

Julia now has a basic database of facts which grow as you chat to it. To have more fun talking to her, tell her facts such as "Chess is fun."

If you want to save the database, you must download. Then, your database will grow everytime you talk to Julia and she will remember the facts the next time you talk to her!

Julia has 4 pre-programmed facts :)

Chat with Julia! Julia is an ongoing project :)

She now has a unlimited number of possible replies!

She also understands reasons for stuff! :D

She now understands smily language! She also understands likes and dislikes!

She also knows how to talk back to some remarks! :D


You can tell Julia anything you like. :)

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