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Gonna explain something so I don't throw you all off- Speck's a guy. He was cursed by a demon so now whenever he comes in contact with cold water he turns into a girl. Hot water reverses the curse until he gets cold water splashed on him again. So it just repeats. I got that from Ranma 1/2. Thank you, Rumiko Takahashi for putting up with me. Rumiko, why are you so awesome? CB

You're either laughing your head off or saying "wth did I just watch."

ANYWAYS, the bg at the end is something Allie drew for me to use forever ago and I finally got around to using it. I decided to make another spoof since I was sick of doing serious animation.

So before I get bombed with questions-Speck is a guy. Speck isn't a cat, he's a hanyou (hanyous are half demon, half xyz. Speck is half cat). He is also a she. Yes, I did get *cough* steal *cough* that from Ranma 1/2 so he has the same curse as Ranma. He and Emberfur are fiances and they became fiances when Emberfur challenged Lamp to a fight because she got extremely jealous of her clinging to Speck. Emberfur won, neither Ember nor Speck knew that Speck was the prize until Lamp announced them fiances at the end. Herpaderp.

So basically Kai wants to make Emberfur his bride and Speck disapproves. Unfortunately for him, he happened to be in his girl form at the time.

Btw, in case you couldn't tell:

Emberfur (c) EmberDahEevee
Speck (c) me
Kai's just a filler char.
Song at the end is Everybody Loves Me by One Republic
Audio is from Ranma 1/2 movie 1.
Ranma 1/2 (c) Rumiko Takahashi

Thank you, Ember for getting the audio for me.

Speck's bio http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Erolwolf/1964870

The song at the end is so unfitting, right? Because I know 95% of you guys probably hate me, and I don't care at all. XD

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