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YOUR JOB: Feed each bird the proper worm by identifying its pitch using the solfège symbols provided.

You will always hear DO (middle C) played first. Then, as each bird appears, you feed it a worm by choosing the correct pitch. If you choose the wrong pitch, the bird angrily bats the worm away and you'll need to try again.

You can either click on the solfège symbols at the top of the page or (faster method) use the number keys 1-8 to identify by scale degree.

At the end of the game, you'll see the time it took you and the number of mistakes you made. You can also hear all the pitches played as a single melody, with the notes you missed grayed out (more depending on how many misses.)

You can also hear each bird's note again by clicking on it - and you can hear DO (or any other previously sung pitches) by clicking on the notes on the staff.

To restart the game, hit the green flag in the upper right corner.

You can hit "s" and then "space" to skip the intro/instructions.
The goal, of course, is to get the lowest time possible with no mistakes.

Notes and Credits

NOTE: New, enhanced version (allows multiple rounds) is here:

Sometimes, if keys are hit too quickly in succession, the program bugs out.

Borrowed the timer-display technique from:

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