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Press the green flag to start. Click anywhere on the screen. Something cool happens if you hold down the mouse and move your cursor over the screen. (only works if you HAVE a mouse you can hold down, not one on a laptop.) IGNORE THE THING IN PARENTHESES. Try to pass your cursor over semi- slowly, not too slow, not too, fast. PRESS SPACE TO CLEAR!

NOTE: 3-1-18 I JUST LOOK AT MY MESSAGES AND THEIR ARE 817!!!!! WHAT!!!!! I NEVER EXPECTED THIS TO HAPPEN!!!! I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!! (I'm in the middle of doing a book report for school but I decided to quickly check scratch)
Two days ago I had 23 views, and now I have 2148 views. LIKE WHAT?!?!?!
3-2-18 894 notifications. WOW. 7591 views.
3-3-18 I GO ON AND I HAVE 279 NOTIFICATIONS. 9488 views.
3-4-18. 285 now. 10432 views.
3-5-18 340 notifications. 12066 views. NICE!
3-6-18 161 notifications! 13140 views!
I have so many ideas for new projects, so I won't be putting the dates, number of views, or number of notifications in anymore!
- 3-7-18 HAVE FUN!

Notes and Credits

Hope you have fun! Here's the link to some more Pixels Animation!!!

in case you didn't already see it, I made an update today (3-2-18)
The update is... PRESS SPACE TO CLEAR!

This project is one of my newest...

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