Don't Touch Red

by 1000652
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The objective of the game is pretty simple. You are a round square avoiding obstacles that are moving across the screen. Try to survive as long as possible before running out of health and go for the high score! Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character. As the name implies, avoid the red in this game, or you lose HP (health points). The game ends when you lose all your HP.

           LIST OF ITEMS
Heart (Replenish): Heals 5 HP (Not available when the character has full health)
x▲ (Multiplier +1): Increases your multiplier by 1
Clock (Slow): Temporarily slows down all obstacles
Gem (Point Bonus): Increases your score by 250 multiplied by the current multiplier
Thing that looks like a spark (Flash): Eliminates all obstacles on screen with a flash
Shield (Shield): Temporarily protects you from obstacles; its time decreases as time goes by and as it absorbs hits

2/24/18: Project released, bug fixes
2/25/18: Items appear for longer time by request of @ToadfanSchool (40▶70)
2/26/18: Fixed typos in instructions
2/28/18: Fixed major bug with one of the unlockables
3/2/18: Top-Loved! Thank you so much! Redesigned the start screen
3/7/18: Set default mode to normal, reset initial progress for unlocking colors to 0, forgot to do that when making changes
3/15/18: Set Normal and Hard personal best to 0, changed behavior of start button and color choices at game start
6/17/18: Fixed position for costume "9" of text engine

Notes and Credits

I made most of the graphics for the project using the Scratch Vector Editor, though the round triangle shapes were from The font used is Century Gothic (Bolded), imported from Google Drawings. I got the sound effects from various other Scratch projects.

If the game is too laggy, try turning on LDM (Low Detail Mode). This disables certain effects which may be responsible for lag. Still too laggy? Play here: Keep in mind, though, that you won't be able to go for a world record if you play it on Sulfurous, and the graphics are slightly worse there.

This whole project took me about a month and a half to make. If you enjoy this game, please consider giving this project a love and favorite! If you find any glitches in the project or mistakes in code, please let me know in the comments, thanks!

If you want to post a mean comment about this project or about me, go right ahead. I will most certainly report your comment to the Scratch Team, so beware!

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