Super Mario Bros. Scratched VERSION 2.0

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Notes and Credits (added by S65)

UPDATE: Fixed a glitch that made Goombas not go away when they die.

Okay, a few changes in this new version. First, I've added lava to the castles. Second, Bowser can now shoot fire, making him harder to beat.

This is my Mario game developed in Scratch. It's the best Mario game I've seen so far in Scratch, and uses an area system to overcome the one-screen limitations of Scratch. This also allows me to reuse sprites over and over again.

In this game, you go through a series of screens to get to Bowser and defeat him. There are 8 screens, making it a fairly long game (for Scratch). You can jump on Goombas to kill them, but if you get hit from the sides you die. You can't kill Piranha Plants, and there's only one special way to kill Bowser (people who played the original SMB1 should know it).

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