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Welcome to the Ultimate Establishment
These are all the animatronics

I am taking fan animatronics from other players.
I am going to give full credit to all animatronics

Original Models from @ShyGuyDev - Freakshows and Rockstars (I edited them)
Torture Trap, Torture Sonic and Toy Tails - ???
Crawford and 'Mesh' - @DarkerAoura12
Foroxie - @DarkerAoura12 for @followme4follow
Horror, Dollies and Old Salvage - @TheEpicGuy50
Molten Tyler and Rayquake- @Tyler_Games ( @mrchickenman2 for Rayquake)
Case: Animatronic Cat - @Toy_Cre8or
FNAF:SL and FNAF 6 - @monkeypatatoz245
Ennard - @-MrMystery-
Rockstar Bonnie - @wackyjoke85
Scrap Baby - @dinotransformer55
TheBonnieMan, Phantom Roger and Phantom Saber - @Thebonnieman
Sammy and ToyLocked Mario - @samhewpap
Happy The Cat - @HappyTheCat905
ScrapWack - @wackyjoke85

If the teaser glitches or everything stops working press Ctrl+M

Left and Right arrow keys to move between screens

Notes and Credits

EDIT: Some of the animatronics will be cut out of the game, and when I make the menu that will be used in the game you will see which ones were cut. Also, I am thinking about making a custom AI but I will first make the one where there are separate challenges.

EDIT: I am removing 6 animatronics and replacing some with your animatronics.
- Removed Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Rockstar Bonnie,
(I added the 3 mysteries back and the other 4 blank spaces will be filled with fan suggestions)

There will be 13 different challenges and I am thinking about making the following options in this I might add some of these. What do you think?

- Choosable AI (like the first FNAF game)
- A game with some of these game
- Make a tycoon game (like Scott)
- Adding more animatronics and more challenges
- Any more ideas?

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