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TYSM for 70+ followers! ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ meow
Ok so this is my first DTA. Entries in by March 31st!
Click space btw :3
Ok so first choose the character you want.Then draw it in your own style.You can add an animation and a bio if you'd like.If your entry wins for that character,then you get to keep that character.
- You only get the character if you win.
- Pick a character and draw it in your own style.
- You can enter for how ever many you want but you can only win one.
- No cheating (using a base that you did not make,stealing somebody else's art)
- You can use a different program
- do some shading
- add a bio (name,gender,likes,dislikes,personality,etc.)
- add an animation if you really want to
- 1 - bobtailed cat
- 2 - sea cat
- 3 - flame cat

Notes and Credits

song - Pixel Galaxy by Snails House
art - pokemon3018 (me)
Hosted by pokemon3018 (me)
coding - pokemon3018 (me)

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