Forest Survival

by Yakkers
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This game is inspired by Bluestribute's "Wilderness Survival" game. Mine is like his but with no scrolling, and it is a little more fast paced and harder. Your goal is to survive 7 days and 7 nights in the woods. You have a hunger and thirst meter, both slowly rising. For food you can pick up berries by pressing space on berry bushes which reduce your hunger by 3. You can also cook and eat fish, reducing your hunger by 50. To cook fish, you need at least 1 fish and 3 pieces of wood. Press space on the fire pit to cook and eat fish. To fish, walk to the edge of the dock and hold space. This may take a while. To gather wood, press space on the small withered trees. This also take several seconds. To reduce your thirst, walk up to the river in the corner and hold space on it. You cannot drink from the fishing pond. If you ever find youself not needing more supplies and can only wait, enter your tent by simply walking on it. This reduces the speed your hunger and thirst go up. Good luck!

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