The Toaster Apocalypse #1- The Rise of the Toasters

by Derp-TV
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Notes and Credits

It's finally here... The Toaster Apocalypse... after all...this...time...
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(Stay out of fullscreen because then the timings don't work.
Also, click the flag 7 times and then watch)
PS I am sorry, I was really considering voice auditions, and I believe that I am going to do them now, so I had to make this without any other voice actors that are in the series. The next episode is when we start meeting the new characters. After the second episode, more might be added into the series
********HEADPHONES WARNING*************
Yay! I finally finished the first episode! Took me forever but it is finally done! Let's get to the credits!
All animation: Me, @Derp-TV
All Art: Me, @Derp-TV
Music: Idk who made it but meh
@Kewl999 for the continuation of his boxpocalypse series
@The_Guy for the main idea of the first 5.3 seconds
This was kinda based off of the movie G-Force so yeah :)
You Guys for your support :)
And Finally, the voice actors who will voice act in the next episode:
Timmy - @Derp-TV
Amber - @binetjs1
Piff the Dragon - @smithrm1
The Guy With the Tie - @MLG_NARWHAL
Old Man Jenkins - @allredkp1
(more characters will be added on while the series continues :D)
You want the next episode to come sooner? Spread the word by commenting this on other people's projects/profiles
--------> #thetoasterapocalypse2 or #thetoasterapocalypseishere
Until the next time, my friends. #DerpOut

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