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by God2us
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Happy Valentine's Day y'all! (Yes, I am fully aware that this is several days late. Whoops!)
I decided to draw some stuff for my awesome friends and people I admire. If you're my friend but there's nothing on here for you, I'm sorry! There was only so many I could do. Also, the quality of various ones vary. The ones that I did specifically for Feb. 14th are done in pencil and were colored digitally. Others vary a bit!

Feel free to full-screen! If one of these is yours, though, I recommend that you read these first. Use arrow keys to navigate!
1) @TheGamingArcher 's OC Meeks! Agh, sorry the b-day present is taking so long! I'm not really satisfied with it and I think I picked something too ambitious... I might have to make you something else! Also, I think I did the wrong clothing (and forgot the hood) in this drawing. Sorry!!! However, I really admire your art and animation skills.
2) @_-NovaStar-_ 's OC Bramble! I didn't really know what they look like, but I tried my best! I can add markings if you want. I love your art skills and style!
3) @RiluDoggo 's OC Raven! Jinx is there too, just saying hi :) I love your art and character designs, and you're a super fun person to talk to!
4) @Merlin-M- 's OC Merlin! I hope this makes up for the bad fan art I made you earlier :') I did this without ref mainly, so I got the hair a bit wrong. I can redo this if you'd like! your art is so amazing and clean, and your designs, characters, and posing is top-notch.
5) @BlutiToonz 's OC Layn! I know you've been having a tough time, and I really hope that you feel better soon. I hope some art will cheer you up! I finally drew Layn right! I guess you could use this as an icon if you wanted???
4) @Idontknow8 's OC Chip! You're having a hard time too, but I'm glad that I get to talk to you. I love your characters, and I'll be sure to make you some better fan art some time!
5) @-Scraps- 's OC Scraps! I am sooo sorry for ruining your character! This didn't turn out at all the way I was hoping. I love your rough art style and how you draw different poses.

You guys can use any art made for you however you would like! I can clean up any art, fix any mistakes, or make icons for you as well. I hope that you all have a great day!

♥ Art by me
♥ OCs by various people
♥ BG pic in thumbnail from www.freepik.com
♥ Song is Strawberry Jam by ???

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