But I'm Weak

See inside
Notes and Credits

A short animation created in 3-4 hours. This loops!
Press space to see global loops. (Like Vine)

Drawn in Piskel.
AMV stands for Animated Music Video.
Song - Weak by AJR
I listened to Weak and couldn't get it out of my head.
Not one of my larger works, but I hope you all enjoy it (:

[ Improvement and Experimentation Log ]
I recently found out about Piskel's onion layer feature which is awesome for animating! I've been working on making complex smooth transitions (for example, a raindrop turning into a person compared to a sprite simply horizontally sliding off the screen), which are much easier in bitmap formats (compared to vector).
I prioritized smoothness and dynamic movement over art quality. (In addition to efficiency in terms of seconds animated over production time.)
In future animations, I hope to improve the art quality and perhaps create an easy-to-draw but iconic OC. Also, I have to find a way to draw 100 frames without Piskel crashing. (It nearly did for this one.)

Wondering how this is timed? Part guess-work and part coding.
Learn how to program the coding part in "Sync Audio and Animations", an episode in the Learning with Stang and Theo series.

More Animations!
Holiday Havoc
Stang Through the Months

@Ceebee and @TurboKitten have been huge inspirations to me. I love their short music-synced animations!
Edit: I didn't realize that they both made Weak AMVs too LOL

Also, thank you for 5000 followers! I will make an ask project, first where you can ask me anything, and another with my responses!

Thanks for What the Community is Loving and Remixing!

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