Your guardian angel, Pyro

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Name: Pyro James Prower
Age: 18 (immortal, was 13)
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Family: Tails (brother)

Guardian Angel data:
Was given wings and emblem by Tails of the guardian angels. Not dead yet. Once the emblem breaks, his curse will lift away, and he will be one of the guardian angels, like Tails.

Source of curse:
Tails Doll/scar of the tails doll

Loves: Lucy (one of the guardian angel captains, was alive, but disappeared mysteriously, seen again by pyro when he was 16, died later on)

Brother of the mysterious Pyro. Died from power blast from Mephiles, in the hands of Sonic. Lifted Pyro's scar into the emblem of the Guardian Angels.

History of Pyro:

His perents died by the Tails Doll, then taken away as his apprentice. At the age of 13 he learned his ways, and betrayed the Tails Doll, therefore giving him the scar. The scar took effect when he turned 18, and he's stayed the same for over 200 years. Over the years, Sonic was killed by eggman but then was given a chance to look over a hedgehog named Silver. Pyro has been on the streets since, until he saw Tails. Now, this is his look.

Stories from
The Broken Angel and The Guardian Angel by SilverAlchemist09, and Ghosts of the Future.

I have been drawing Pyro for over a year, and he did appear on my Jason The Echidna account, and now I have gotten better at him. So he is my own character. If you see a different Pyro the fox on DeviantART, it belongs to Jet-Plasma.

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