The Pancake Project!

See inside

You will need:
- 200g plain flour
- 420g milk
- 3 eggs
- Probably some butter too.

1) Place all ingredients into one large bowl, and stir with a wooden spoon.
2) Actually, scratch that. Just whisk the whole thing- it's a lot easier.
3) Ask an adult to help you fry anything.
4) Pour any amount of pancake mix into the frying pan and keep watch over it as it cooks.
5) Aim for a gold colour for the pancake, and flip over x amount of times.
6) Serve with any of your desired toppings (I recommend cheese and ham, or if you want something sweet, lemon and sugar) and enjoy! X=D

Oh wait, you were looking for instructions for the game? Most are in the game, but here's the rest!

- You can move the pancake with the left and right arrow keys! :D
- Don't hit the falling utensils! :O
- The Pancake Bonus depends on how well the pancake has been cooked.
- The Score Bonus depends on the actual score you get during the game.
- The Distance Travelled contributes to the score.
- Try and hit the ceiling for a max distance bonus! X=)

- Got the egg power-up? You get 6 eggs! :P

- Oh, and try to get the ingredients too. They give pancakes power-ups for some reason. :3

Notes and Credits

- All sound effects are either from SoundBible or the Scratch Sound Library!
- The main tune is one of my newest tunes. X=D
- All coding is 100% done by me! However, there's a block used from one of @griffpatch's older bunch of hacked blocks. It's pretty cool. :P
- All art's done my me as well! :D

So, this game's a lot like another game I've made in the past, but instead it's PAN-CAK-ES!! Nevertheless, this was pretty fun to make, but because I wanted to get this shared in time for Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday if you prefer), there may be some underlying glitches in the project which I haven't ironed out yet.

Do let me know about any major glitches! :)

Alright, as always, don't eat my cheese pancakes, NEVER eat my cheese sandwich, and Scratch On! X=D

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