It's Certainly Not Under 2 Million (Only in Flash Player)

remixed by MyRedNeptune
See inside
Notes and Credits (added by MyRedNeptune)

Well, apparently the new Flash player makes it bugged. Hooray! ^^

1. Switch to the Flash player and turn up your volume.
2. Record level of happiness (x) before watching.
3. Watch.
4. Record level of happiness after watching.
5. Find Δx and press buttons accordingly. Be honest!
6. In any case, leave feedback.

This got on the front page, just as planned. Good work, my loyal minions.

All graphics and animations were done using Photoshop CS5, Xara Designer Pro and Paint.NET.

A big thanks to fanofcena for helping me with editing the sound. Someday in the future he will become this dude:

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