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name: leela (sorry i like the naME)

gender: female wH-

age: uh, teen??

height: 5"5

birthday: feb 12

- - - -

actual story:

Leela grew up as an only child, cared for by her aunt.

But lost her left eye when she was 14, and after many attempts to find an alternative, her aunt decided to just get her to cover it up.

Soon after she received the patch, Leela caught 'love sickness'. It lingers in the victim for up to a year, then it strikes.

The symptoms included: Mood swings, heart beating fast, sore throat,
feelings of loneliness.

Her 'love' sickness started on her 15th birthday. She had a crush on Eva, her good friend.

Leela asked Eva if she'd like to go out on the 14th, and Eva said yes.

So it was a 'date'.

(Did I mention it was February?)

Fast forwards to Valentine's day, Leela was waiting for Eva to knock on her door.

She went to check, but there wasn't anyone there. Only a single piece of paper, attached to a newspaper article.

It read,

"Dear Leela and Lucy,

I'm very sad to say Eva, isn't with us anymore.

Please take a look at this bit of the newspaper.

- V.Q"

Leela rushed to the table, (where she had flowers for Eva.) took off her patch, and placed a single flower inside where her left eye used to be.

The flower was a rose. They were Eva's favorite.

She cried knowing she'd never see her best friend again.

- - - -

I'm really bad at writing since I'm a kid haha.

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