How can we find prime numbers originatively?

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This project starts from one small, but exciting question.

"How can we find prime numbers originatively?"

Calculating divisors is very labor, and boring. Are there any other solution?
After you watch the project, you will know the solution, and might become to love mathematics. You will learn about the 'transit', and Bernhard Riemann's special red points. How are they connected with prime numbers? Well, watch the project carefully. Don't you wonder about the solution?

When you are ready to travel to the prime number's world, press the "Let's find out!" button. And just press space bar. There are 4 chapters.
1. introduction
2. TRAPPIST-1 and And Transit
3. Bernhard Riemann
This project is really long, but please watch to the end! The 4th chapter is most important, and 2nd, 3rd chapter is preparations for 4th. At the 4th chapter, you will see magic of math! What's it? What's the magic? What's the secret of primes? Well, just watch this project, then all secrets will be released!

#Sorry, I'm not good at English, so maybe there can be wrong or inapposite word in the project and the explanation. If you find, then please talk me that to the comment. I'm sorry about strange grammar! :P
(In title, the original purple adjectives were "easily, and funnily", but many people said 'funnily' is not correct word. So, I changed the title to 'originatively'. @whengreenflagclicked suggested this word, thanks greenflag and everyone! :) )

Notes and Credits

Made by wandookong.

Music by bensound-
Great site!

Special thanks to Bernhard Riemann, and the authors of [Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis], Barry Mazur, William Stein. They are true geniuses!

If you want more about prime numbers, then read [Prime Obsession] and [Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis].

First book explain about Riemann's idea, and the largest math problem. That problem is called 'Riemann Hypothesis'. That hypothesis is connected with prime numbers! Do you remember red points in this project? In fact, no one could proof all red points are on orange line! That is Riemann Hypothesis, the largest and hardest math problem. I also hope to proof that problem. But, can I? ;)

Second book explain about this project's solution. Well, however, I used transit to just make it easier to understand, so that book doesn't mention transit. Indeed, that book use 'trigonometric function', not transit!

Anyway, these books are very great to learn about prime numbers. I recommend reading these books!
And if you want to ask something about prime numbers, or Riemann and his hypothesis, or this project, then leave a comment. I will reply as fast as I can! :)

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