Super Mario World 3 Scratch Edition (Beta) 0.3.5

See inside

took a lot of days
yes and i know you dont insta die as big mario
hold down up left/right to duck move
up to jump arrow keys to move, down to duck
press z to dash
press x to die
if you die, click the green flag
There is a hidden ground pound that can be reactivated in the code
no correct sounds yet, unless somebody helped with that (i need smw sounds)
yes i know thats not how gloombas work, and yes the are hovering :(
how do you make to were you dont need the flag to re-spawn?
im going to fix that hitbox one day... make it a box instead of mario shaped
asset count: 40
i will add a map and new worlds and an ending to the first level
and ill add ? blocks

Notes and Credits

Thumbnail Wont Update :(
let me know if you see any bugs...
planning to add powerups, and reduce the amount of coins in that one area and also remove the extra one.
I might add yoshi :D and a never before seen enemy that flings you in space, currently the sounds are wrong, and checkpoints dont work.

if you press x after a game over, a creepy version of the world will play if you restart the flag, not yet though

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