CloudBoard - Draw things, and they go on the Cloud.

See inside

Press green flag, wait for it to load, then draw things(D - Draw, E-Erase), and you can click Commit Button, to Upload it to the Cloud.

Sorry about the low resolution, it just glitches out, and hits some sort of limit when i make it hi-res, and half the board dissapears :(

Notes and Credits

@Myed - Scanning things (i did NOT use any of @Myed 's Code, this is credit for the Idea.)

NOTE if you see any NSWF Content, please comment you saw it, and i might ban them. (i can find out who drew something, based on time.)

If you are Banned, but your not on this list, please contact me.

================BANNED PLAYERS==================
1. Offline Players
2. UgandaKnuckles

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