Pilot/Episode 1: The First Possession

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x2 flaggo

this is lazy animation
boi, this is all you guys wanted :'3
also ewwWWW NO MIC
also also, recorded when i was S I C C

Skar was just a young adult who wanted to have a good life and liberty. She wanted wealth, family, and affection. One day, she received news of her boyfriend being with someone else, creating rage inside. The Graveyard was always the spot where she calms down, but her rage was too severe. So severe that she kicked a grave, a grave that belonged to an evil spirit/ghost. With the ghost teaching her a lesson, she cursed Skar make herself a ghost as well (or a part of the spirit). Skar's navy blue hair turned into red umber, her eyes became solid black, her legs are gone, filled with the spirit's ghostly body, and all of her friends and memories are gone. The curse was from an evil spirit that needed a body. Now that spirit is taking over her body and she cannot stop herself. It was as if the spirit actually made Skar into a different person; a different horrible person. The spirit/ghost, however, had her own backstory of her possession...she was once named Elliot, Ellie for short, who was the ruler of possession and destruction. She had power, freedom, and even her own slave who helped her with tasks, as well with her good old pal Slye as her servent. Now that she've found a body, she can re-created what she've done again and tell Slye the news that she's back alive...

Notes and Credits

Intro: Lost it to Trying - Son Lux (Basscamp Remix)
Link to Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dniO3UohBjE

Memory Flashback Song: His theme-Undertale (slowed down version)
Link to Memory Flashback Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cytYQuzBaIM

Outro: Burnt Light - NeboScrub
Linkto Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3UIvHHcVSI

Characters: Skar, Skar's Ghost
Voice actors:
Skar @dhans
Ghost @eyehell
Skar (corrupted) @RedCuzImAwesome

Art & Animation/Coding: Mine
Q: What are "Memory Flashbacks"?
A: they're small pieces of evidence that they'll be in end of each episode, so be on the lookout for those and crack the case! (and by crack the case, i mean put all pieces together like a puzzle huehuehe)
just gonna let you know
the hardest part to do was the end credits
i tried my best to be gone from full picture but i doesnt seem to go all the way
so stick with me, even if it didn't work out
im still proud of it
(oh yeah and the actual "animation" hhh)

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