Mario Sample Level (Improved!)

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A little Mario game I decided to make. I didn't bother about scenery graphics, because I wanted this to be posted online; and quick!

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Credit to wallfish for helping. Enemy sprites from The Spriter's Recourse.

Music WAS Flipsville Galaxy theme from SMG2. Now it's Danger! from PMTTYD. (Thanks a lot, YoshiXXXXX!)

I made a few tweaks and turns here. And yes wallfish, the improved scripts were made by me without help! :D I included a Piranha Plant in the new game, as you should see when you glance at it. Mario's costumes are "more animated" now, because they look like Mario's present appearence. I also included a crouch script for Mario, so when you press the down arrow, you crouch. Not that it'll do anything helpful, I just thought it'd be cool.

I guess I owe it to you to show the controls, so here they are:

Right Arrow: Walk right
Left Arrow: Walk Left
Up Arrow: Jump
Down Arrow: Crouch

Note: If you touch the Piranha Plant, you'll have to start over.

3 Wacky Challenges

Check out these outrageous strategies for winning!

#1. The Regular Way

#2. The Different - Hander: Which hand do you normally use? In THIS strategy, use the other hand. Try winning!

#3 Crouch-and-win
In THIS wacky challenge, start by crouching. Then, try beating the level while crouching. It's fun, and funny!

If you gimme 100 views on Mario Sample Level, I'll make another.

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