Valentine's Day in a Nutshell

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This is my Valentines Day Project! So this is more like bad relationships in a nutshell or Fights in a nutshell XD I decided to call it Valentines Day in a Nutshell because it is almost valentines day! So dont go hating in the comments please!

Can we get Top-loved? UPDATE: We did! :D

This is my second Frostcliff Trial! Hopefully this will get me in the studio :D

Project Info:
1m, 30s!
259 assets! sorry to the people with slow computers :(
23 sprites, yep.

@weirwolf06 (Boy in project)
@ScratchyJr_101 (Girl in project)
@FancyFoxy (Owner of the Frostcliff 2018 Studio)
twenty one pilots
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Update Log:
2/10/18: Shared
1/11/18: 110 loves and 75 faves in 24 hours!!!
2/11/18 Top-loved!! IN 24 HOURS WHAT DE HECK BROS!
2/12/18 2K views, thanks! :)
2/13/18 500 loves
2/14/18 1000 loves!
2/14/18 10K views :D
2/15/18 Top-remixed!
2/16/18 1K loves and faves!
2/16/18 15K views!
2/16/18 #3 on trending! and #1 on animations!! ALSO STORIES!?
2/17/18 20K views!
2/17/18 50 remixes!
2/18/18 2000 loves!!
2/23/18 25K views!
5/2/18 3

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