Mario_Kart_3D_Racing Alpha 0.3

remixed by Splodgey
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Notes and Credits (added by Splodgey)

NOTE: sometimes doesn't work in flash, but is laggy in java.
Version: Alpha 0.3
Latest version: Alpha 0.3.4
Size: 8.96MB
Bug fixes and changes for Alpha 0.3:

-Fixed bug where you can sometimes drive through the right-hand wall

-added another green shell

-added another red shell

-Fixed bug where mario sometimes gets an item on start

-Added Lakitu countdown

-Added Title Screen

-Bowser can now use green shells

-Bowser and Donkey kong can now use Red Shells

-added star

-added new item box

-Luigi can now use lightning

-added secret cheat (ssshhhh!)

-Toad can now use items

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