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♦️ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top Remixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tysm!!!!!!!!! Personality Test - Press Space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This personality test, will help find your true personality!! To find out your personality, remix this project!!!!!!! After I see it, I'll tell you your color and personality traits!!! ♦️

♥️ Your color symbolizes who you are/will be in life!!!!!!! ♥️
Pink: Caring/Compassionate/Love
Red: Strong/Determined
Red-Orange: Mixture of Red, and Orange
Orange: Creativity/Enthusiasm/Success/Encouragement
Yellow-Orange: Mixture of Orange, and Yellow
Yellow: Joy/Sunshine/Energy/Happiness
Green: Harmony/Fertility/Nature/Greed/Jealousy
Turquoise: Calm/Sophisticated/Serene/Lucky
Teal: Mixture of Turquoise, and Blue
Blue: Trust/Loyalty/Wisdom/Confidence/Faith/Intelligence
Light Blue: Mixture of Blue, and White
Purple: Nobility/Power/Luxury/Ambition
Dark Purple: Mixture of Purple, and Black
White: Safety/Purity/Cleanliness/Light/Innocence/Goodness
Black: Depth/Mysterious
Dark Gray: Mixture of Black, and White
Gray: Loss/Depression/Moody/Neutral/Emotionless/Dull
Brown: Warmth/Honesty/Reliability/Simple/Friendly/Dependable
Light Brown: Mixture of Brown, and White
*If I'm missing other colors that you can think of let me know, and I'll add them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

♦️Just because you have the same color as someone else doesn't mean you'll have the same personality traits!!! There are many different traits, so haven fun!!!!!!!! Be honest with your answers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♦️

♥️ And thank you to everyone for helping me reach 300+ followers!!!!!! Art on first slide by @Castelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with a background, and clothes edit) All other pictures from google!! ♥️

♦️ Song - Breathe I found this song, while listening to random songs, and in my opinion its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! If there's anything you think I should add here, let me know! (: ♦️


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