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♦️ This personality test, will help find your true personality!! ♦️

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♦️ After I see it, I'll tell you your color and personality traits!!! ♦️

♥️ Your color symbolizes who you are/will be in life!!!!!!! ♥️
Pink: Caring/Compassionate/Love
Red: Strong/Determined
Red-Orange: Mixture of Red, and Orange
Orange: Creativity/Enthusiasm/Success/Encouragement
Yellow-Orange: Mixture of Orange, and Yellow
Yellow: Joy/Sunshine/Energy/Happiness
Green: Harmony/Fertility/Nature/Greed/Jealousy
Turquoise: Calm/Sophisticated/Serene/Lucky
Teal: Mixture of Turquoise, and Blue
Blue: Trust/Loyalty/Wisdom/Confidence/Faith/Intelligence
Light Blue: Mixture of Blue, and White
Purple: Nobility/Power/Luxury/Ambition
Dark Purple: Mixture of Purple, and Black
White: Safety/Purity/Cleanliness/Light/Innocence/Goodness
Black: Depth/Mysterious
Dark Gray: Mixture of Black, and White
Gray: Loss/Depression/Moody/Neutral/Emotionless/Dull
Brown: Warmth/Honesty/Reliability/Simple/Friendly/Dependable
Light Brown: Mixture of Brown, and White
*If I'm missing other colors that you can think of let me know, and I'll add them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

♦️Just because you have the same color as someone else doesn't mean you'll have the same personality traits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♦️

♥️ There are many different traits, so haven fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️

♦️ Be honest with your answers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♦️

♥️ And thank you to everyone for helping me reach 300+ followers!!!!!! ♥️

♦️ Art on first slide by @Castelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with a background, and clothes edit) ♦️

♥️ All other pictures from google!! ♥️

♦️ Song - Breathe ♦️

♥️ I found this song, while listening to random songs, and in my opinion its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️

♦️ If there's anything you think I should add here, let me know! (:


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