The Helios Collab-Camp FINAL

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_meow_ This project has been approved by Scratch Cat. Please love-it!

This will 100% not waste your time.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, a collaboration between Stardust_Dragon Walrus117 eRKSToCK and Dorfgan, one of the most advanced projects in Collab-Camp, The Helios!

This is the long awaited Collab-Camp project, and the first of it's kind, The Helios!

Featuring stunning custom graphics, innovative gameplay, and a powerful story!

Journey into the future as you take control of
General Hydra Starwing, a human born with a great destiny, in a world where warfare has taken to the skies in the form of Skyships. Join the fight for the conrtol of Earth as tensions flare, battles erupt, forces unleashed, and conspiracies are unmasked. Become a part of the destiny of the Earth!

-Two amazing game modes: take the fight to the sky, or bring it down to ground!
-Amazing custom graphics
-'Enter the Chaos' a piece of music specifically written for this project by Stardust_Dragon
-Smooth gameplay

Intructions: They are all in-game during the tutorial.

*NOTE* This game contains an auto-save feature. In order to access this, download it, save it, then play in performance mode, but make sure to save before you quit, in order to keep your progress. It's 13.4 MBs uncompressed. :D

Leader of Skyrealm Games

*TO THE COLLAB-REVIEWERS: If this isn't working, please download, and view all the costumes of the sprite 'Cutscenes' to get a good idea of the plot.' :D

At first, this was supposed to be like Steamlands from Nitrome, but it changed so much. See for yourself.

TOTAL PRODUCTION TIME: Something around 336 Hours. No joke. And about 6 times Scratch crashed and about 20 times it was a near miss. We gave Squeak a nervous breakdown.

REFERRED PROJECTS: This project will literally, blow your mind. It's a perfect replica of a well-known classic game _meow_

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This is the most successful Collab-Camp project, as it is the only one that made it to the front page so far, and without being curated.


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