- Oblivion Path -

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Notes and Credits

           - OBLIVION PATH -
         ʙʏ @-ShadowOfTheFuture-

            - WARNING!!! -
  This platformer is very hard! Be prepared for rage-inducing


  Note: ALL hate or spam comments WILL be reported ASAP. No

              - STORY -
  You woke up in a dark chamber full of sinister obstacles. The
  atmosphere is dark and foreboding, as if something evil is
  drawing ever closer. The only safe path to walk is forwards,
  and forwards you go, but the feeling of danger only increases
  with every step you take... what is this place, and why are you

           - INSTRUCTIONS -
  - Arrow keys to move

  - Press S to skip the intro

  - Avoid red platforms and spikes

  - Trampolines bounce you

  - Get to the blue portal!

            - NOTES -
  - This project is 100% pen, meaning that it uses no costumes

  - All levels are possible. However, some of them require out-
   of-the-box thinking.

  - Rushing headlong into a level is usually not a good idea.

  - There are 9 levels.

  - If you find the graphics hard to see, go into fullscreen, but be
   aware that graphic quality may be slightly lowered.

  - Oblivion is probably one of my favorite words, along with
   "desolate", "silence", "anarchy", "antidisestablishmentarianism"
   and some other words.

  If you enjoyed this game, why not check out some of
  my other projects? You won't regret it!

     Some of my best games include:
 DESOLATION: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/193623644/
 VOID: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/177421485/
 ASTEROID FIELD: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/197832459/

  Don't like games? There's always other stuff too :D

             - CREDIT -
  Me ( @-ShadowOfTheFuture-) for all the scripts and art
  Whoever made this layout, for this layout

  Somewhat inspired by
  Cubit - A 3D game ( @Raytracing)
  Test subject ( @radishboy)
  Cube (platformer) ( @Colkadome)

  Put "_ksllxmfcai_" at the end of your comment if you actually
  read everything down to here :D

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