My school is a prison.

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Short story long: this year, we got a new Vice Principal. I don't know her name, but we all call her Palidge: Palin+Umbridge. Because: She looks just like Palin but acts, dresses, and talks like umbridge. REALLY! Pink overcoaty things, skirts, pumps, etc. UGH. The worst part: last year, we got to walk around evey morning. Our only social time. Of course, Palidge had the brilliant idea to lock us 8th graders up in the cafeteria and plop the six-ies and sevv-ies in the halls, WITH ASSIGNED SEATS. We can't get up, or talk, AT ALL. The super downsides:

We can't use the library
We can't turn in field trip payments
We can't do homework
We can't even use our lockers
And even though she thinks it will help with the people who play hooky before class, she's wrong. Once we're let out of the cafeteria, they'll do it anyhow.

And NOW she's forcing kids to be hall moniters. HALL MONITERS.

Press love it if you already hate her, even though you don't know her.

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