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yes this is a good idea
yeah I was bored

Welcome! I've decided to create another MAP! There are 20 parts total, the shortest ranging from 6-9 seconds, and the longest ranging from 10-19 seconds. (the Intro and outro and a few longer ones)

I Decided on this song because it's very happy. Happy Happy Happy.
Ella Likes Happy. (sorry I've been reading Percy Jackson again) I hope you guys like it too and that you please join! My past few MAPs have taken FOREVER just to fill up halfway!

Okay Rules:
-No blood/gore.
-One part per person
-Your part will always be good
-cat plus cat equals cat
-You has 1 month to complete your part
-Extensions can be given
-codeword is pizookie
-Once your 1 month is over I will ask if you want an extension or if you want to drop out
-Yes there is backups

How to get a part:
-Link one or two previous animations of yours
-Enter the codeword
-Ask for one part you would like the most.

1 (Intro): 13 seconds: @OrangeDoodles DONE! (Awesome Sauce)
2: 17 seconds:
3: 13 seconds
4: 7 seconds: @TheJediMasters DONE! (Awesome)
5: 8 seconds: @BasilAroma DONE! (Amazinq)
6: 10 seconds: @willowbreeze7384 DONE!
7: 7 seconds: @XCat DONE! (amazing owo)
8: 7 seconds: @
9: 7 seconds:
10: 7 seconds: @seepancake
11: 6 seconds: @EcIipsed DONE (and amazing)
12: 9 seconds: @techriyadh123
13: 7 seconds:
14: 7 seconds: @cinnamon_bun_puff
15: 7 seconds: @Gryffindor_Jedi
16: 7 seconds:
17: 7 seconds: @Luna_Phoenix DONE!
18: 6 seconds: @-Sheltie- DONE (also amazing)
19: 8 seconds: @Kaxinfa DONE amazinq
20 (Outro): 19 seconds: @flickyr

Music: erge by Owl City
Art: @EveningWaves
Music taken from: @forever-

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