Snap to Grid Tiles Example

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Snap to Grid

A very useful thing to be able to do when creating games, whether they are board games, or retro tile based games is to be able to snap your tiles to a fixed sized grid.

In this project I have included a very small custom block that snaps the current sprite to a fixed 48x48 pixel grid. (However, you can change it easily to work with any grid size you need).

Please use this project in any way you please, no credit needed.
The graphics are part of the OpenGameArt project and are also free to use.

I've commented the scratch code inside this project, let me know if anything is unclear or if you want an explanation in any more detail.

I've kept this project VERY simple so that it stays focussed on it's purpose :) - Which is aligning sprites to a grid! If you want more tutorials or example projects on this theme I can make more.


Sprites sources for the project

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