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Surprise!! Another original song!!

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You're wanted
Can't you see?
If not for you,
this world wouldn't be
Your journey
To me has led
So I'm here to tell you
You're wanted ~

This song is short, 31 seconds exactly, and I made it this way on purpose. Princess Asteria is a character of mine who sings this song to comfort Izzy (from Feel the Pain Depart). Izzy is going through an emotional chapter in her life, and she feels that she's unloved and that the ones she trusts are only close to her because they pity her. The song is meant to be a short and sweet way to console Izzy, and it's supposed to give off a sort of lullaby vibe.

This is off topic, but if you're in a super tough time in your life right now, know that there are always people who you can trust, whether they're online or in real life. Also, know that you're not alone! I've had the worst mental breakdowns before, and I didn't tell anyone because I felt completely trapped. I would never wish that for anyone else, so please know that I care and I'll be there for you if you need it! Just keep holding on!! ~ Nerdy =( ^.^ )=

I hope you enjoyed my song!

2/21/18 Omg, back from a three day Winter Retreat and I check my messages and I hAvE 233. FR. EAKI. NG MESSAGES. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! this honestly means a lot to me, considering this is the shortest song I´ve ever written and I didn´t think it would be too popular... but we´re almost at a THOUSAND VIEWS!! Thanks so much again, and keep pushing on!!
2/18/18 CURATED!! Thanks so much @OriQuack!!
2/4/18 WHAT THE FLUFFLE -- I´m being curated next Sunday the 18th... IT´S BEEN OUT FOR LiteRALLY 2 DAYS WHAT
2/2/18 - Shared!!
1/29/18 - Art finished!! I had a ton of scrapped ideas, but nothing was working, so I stuck with a little snippet of Princess Asteria's bedroom, lol
1/28/18 - Song composition started/finished (seriously it's only 18 measures lol)

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