MARS / complete brightpaw & swiftpaw MAP

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omg after all this time it's finally finished! all of the animators did wonderfully! thank you guys so much for helping me get these parts together! <3 it looks lovely and i hope everyone watching enjoys :3

yes, this is based off the warrior cats book series <3 characters belong to erin hunter & character designs belong to me

*for those of you who don't know the story – to put it simply, brightpaw and swiftpaw were 2 thunderclan apprentices who went to fight dogs that were threatening the clan. swiftpaw was killed but brightpaw survived

guys this was top loved! :,D thank you so much!!

Notes and Credits

intro - @rosebreezee (oolllldddd)
part 1 - @rosebreezee (ever ollllddder(my art looks nothing like this anymoreeee))
part 2 - @penblade
part 3 - @ironmaniac
part 4 - @umbreonstargazer
part 5 - @applepiie
part 6 - @cinamoony
part 7 - @silversong (sorry I messed it up in the intro credits)
part 8 - @trailtracker13
part 9 - @lionclaws
part 10 - @whut_m8 (also wrong in the intro credits sorry)
outro - @bepthecat

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