Marble Racer

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This is just a copy of the same script almost and some added bits and bobs from the marble template game that comes with Scratch! This is MY version though, its a bit rubbish, take a look at my multiplayer version! Marble Racer Multi-Player!

Use the arrow keys to race your marble around the track to the finish line. If you slide off onto the grass, it will slow you down. What's your best lap time?

The marble has variables for its x and y velocities. The arrow keys make it accelerate by changing the velocities. The grass slows you down by multiplying the velocities by a fraction.

* Make your own tracks by drawing a new background. Just use the same shade of green for the grass.
* Make a new costume for the ball.
* Make obstacles (even moving obstacles!) that slow you down or stop you, or ramps that speed you up.

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