Angry Birds Battles

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Credit: Hypno-Pop, Clank23, Panpjp, ps1c, Enzo1997

For once in their lives, instead of sitting there helplessly while their eggs get stolen, the Angry Birds have decided to take matters into their own hands and repel the pigs as they attempt to steal the eggs in the first place.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay of this game is a turn-based RPG. During your turn you can do the following: 1) Choose a bird from the top to fling at the approaching pig. The ones further to the right cost more, but have better abilities. 2) Choose a prieviously purchased item to use against the pig. You play 3 rounds per battle, and if the pig gets the eggs in any round, the battle is lost, and you must start the episode over. The round is over when you have defeated a certain number of pigs, ending with a boss.

EPISODES: This update brings only one episode, poached eggs. For now, you can play the battle of Poached Eggs, and thats it.

MONEY: You gain anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars for defeating pigs. You gain 10 to 20 dollars for beating a round. You get a small Diversity Bonus at the end of each round; you get 2 dollars for each different kind of bird you used. At the store, you can enter a code from to gain 50 dollars.

STORE: At the store, you can purchase items using money you earn for defeating pigs. Your trophies are also displayed here. Drag your mouse over an item/trophy to learn what is does/how to get it.

Red: Single Use. 3-5 Damage. Free.
Blue: Single Use. 5-7 Damage. $15.
Yellow: Multiple Use. 4-6 Damage. $15.
White: Multiple Use. 9-11 Damage. $30
Black: Single Use. 16-18 Damage. $35
Green: Single Use. 11-13 Damage. $25
Big: Single Use. 24-26 Damage. $100.

Piglet: 10 HP
Pig: 15 HP
Helmet Pig: 25 HP (Ep1,Rd1 Boss)
Moustache Pig: 30 HP (Ep1,Rd2 Boss)
King Pig: 40 HP (Ep1,Rd3 Boss)

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