- very smol trash dump -

See inside
Notes and Credits

very small art dump! press the arrow keys or just the space bar
fullscreen NOT recommended! bc the quality gets worse

1 - ota payment for @tapiocatail on deviantart
2 - a ota on deviantart
3 - headshots for @Coyotears
4 - a lazy artwork of tupica
5 - this is a test and its ugly (old)
6 - some adoptable on devantart but already sold out
7 - my secondary nevidu (this is lazy reference mm)
8 - a commission for @leaflets on deviantart
9 - some paper artwork, i didnt color it ... (old)
10 - a very old unfinished artwork and will never be finished (psst, it is a ship art!!)
11 - this was a very old gift for @xlervine and i forgot to post it
12 - i got this awesome character from @TapiocaTail! um ill name her raven (go see her account- @darkRaven_ouo)
13 - a fanart for @DawnBerry
14 - an adoptable on deviantart
15 - i draw alot vent these days bc my dog died
16 - idk
17 - an ota on deviantart (already taken)
18 - ota on deviantart
19 - test? well im pretty proud of this <3
20 - i drew like @yunnie2005

artwork belongs to me DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION
the background is from the internet
idk what the music is i think it's atariwave by quok?
program - firealpaca

notice that my deviantart usename is Tupica-Tails
and scratch destroyed the quality
i draw with a mouse so the lines are shaking >;o

edit: omg ninji-master loved and faved this @ninjimaro902 aaa
edit2: omg @chocco-doggo loved this ;;o;

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