Contest101 OS V 4.1

See inside

Please be aware that "Crashes" are fake, and are purposefully
implemented into the project, not bugs on scratch.
Play around with it! It has apps loaded onto it!
Let's have some fun!
If it crashes, tell me the time and date, as well as what you did before the crash, in the comments below. Virus reports will determine what the crash reductions will be in the next update!

You can enter admin mode if you see inside and add your username to the admin list. Admin mode negates most crashes and unlocks secret stuff!!
Instructions for Apps:

Find zee face: Click a character if he's zee face!

Settings: Toggles different features

App store: Allows you to activate special powers for other apps.
Each power can only be used in 1 session!
You cannot open this in alert mode.

Red square dodge: Hold down the mouse button to rotate a character. Do not let them hit the red square!
App store power: slows the red square to 1/5 speed.

Comet claw: Use the mouse to move STW cat and click to shoot your comet claw! Avoid the rocks! To use power-ups, press the number key beside its icon.
App store power: Spills a lot of power-ups at the start of the game.

Cast blaster demo: Use the mouse to move the cannon click to blast.
Do not let 3 characters hit the bottom!
App store power: Massive weapon upgrade

Pong: Use your mouse to move the paddle. Deflect the ball. You can't lose yet.

Notes and Credits

Basic notes:

inspired by and some music from this project:

Some apps have hidden secrets!

This project uses cloning, time, and other 2.0 features.

Please be warned that this computer has cheap virus protection and may crash at any time!

Extremely long notes/extra info:

The computer might crash upon start-up if:
You use it on a Saturday
You use it on Friday the 13th
You use it on April fools day
You use it around midnight/noon
The computer might be crash-free for everyone on:
My birthday(August 6th)
U.S Independence day(July 4th)
Christmas(December 25th)
Halloween(October 31st)
Update log:

**Saturday downtime #1 updates**

V 2.1: Added a "delete all" power-up for comet claw.

V 2.2: Added a "speed comet" power-up for comet claw.

V 2.3: Fixed a bug that happened if you stoped right when activating alert mode.
**End of Saturday Downtime updates**

V 2.4: *ADMIN MODE UPDATE!!!* Fixed some admin mode bugs/ made it easier to hack the project to get admin mode(all you have to do is add your username to the admin list)

V 2.5: Improved comet claw power-ups so you can build up multiple of them!/fixed a power-up bug that occurred during a crash(thanks @storm101 for catching that!)

V 2.6: ???

V 2.7: Users can tell if I go onto this project, providing they are logged in./???

V 2.8: halved crashes occurring if you click the stage, floating head, or watermarks. These crashes are doubled on Mondays! :O/Non-admins can no longer use alert mode on Sundays. /Fixed alert mode randomly not working for admins/users who are not logged in cannot use this project anymore.

V 2.9: Added a "V.I.P" admin status. To earn this, you must go above and beyond.

V 3.0: added a demo version of cast blaster.

V 3.1: ???

V 3.2: There is now a hidden button in settings that will grant you admin mode, but it has a 75% of crashing the computer instead. Risk it?

V 3.3: Something very scary happens if it's close to Halloween,and rainbow ninja now boosts randomly in red square dodge.

V 3.4: Added a pong game. This project should be added to the SDS sometime soon.

V 3.5: Admins can time travel! Preparations have been made for 2 major holidays.

V 3.6: The app store actually works now!(not on alert mode) Rather then apps, you can activate special powers for 1 app session. Each power can only be activated once per login, so use them wisely!
Red squares in Red square dodge are no longer slowed by the mouse.
Only 1 app has a power for now: Red square dodge

V 3.7
Added a new power for cast blaster, enabling a laser weapon that used to be exclusive to admins.
Admins no longer get this weapon every session; they must activate the power.
Added a new power for comet claw that spills power-ups at the start of the session.
Fixed a bug
Fixed the cannon shots appearing in front of the cannon in the cast blaster demo

V 3.8:
Massive crash reductions.
The OS now works on Saturdays...Sort of.

V 3.9: Seriously, DO NOT press the biohazard sign in alert mode. You have been warned.
V 4.0: A really bad virus can cause the red screen of death. This appears to happen in about 5% of crashes and will lock you out of the OS. The only way to fix this is to refresh the page.
V 4.1: Changed alert mode music during the Xmas season/extended Xmas season. Prepared surprises for Christmas!

1.If double-click a character in the find zee face app, it becomes unclickible.
2. The watermarks float over the alert mode button for a brief time when activating it.
3. Playing comet claw shortly after quitting/losing makes power-ups appear sooner.
4. You can use about/user/app store/info in alert mode if you time it right.
5. When activating alert mode, the icon stays no matter where you are for a few seconds.
6. It is possible to crash the project in admin mode right before the startup finishes.
7. "Hacking" admin mode does not overrule crashes until you restart the project.
8. If you hack admin mode on a Sunday, Alert mode works but is still dark.
9. If I get the red screen of death and try to get on again, the message that I'm online will be stuck on the screen until I refresh the page.

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