Space Sphere

See inside

This is very much still being fiddled with, but I had to share it to show that I am still up and kicking. Should fix itself too.

You have a choice of surfaces. One is, as described by the late, great Douglas Adams, "an utterly insignificant little blue green planet..."
The second, Ronculus IV, is an equation and is not good for the eyes over long periods of time.
The third is the largest in our known solar system and the very visible "great red spot" is a storm large enough to swallow the entire Earth...
The fourth is not really a planet but is much nearer than you'd think. Just in time for tonight's Super Blure Blood Moon!

Notes and Credits

WHOA!! FEATURED!! Currently over 2,000 Loves and 1,500 Faves!!! Thanks to EVERYONE for that! =:oD

If you think it's laggy, the Phosphoros link is:

I must get some more maps to stick on but I'm thrilled that this one worked. :o)

On Surface 5 the moon and Earth are not to scale. It's just a test.

Shading added (yes, with more lag - sorry!)

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