3d Textured Maze

remixed by Spidertest
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Notes and Credits (added by Spidertest)

Wow, I really pushed the limits of scratch with this project! This is a remix of @griffpatch's amazing 3d maze project with textures!

Instructions: Use WASD keys to Move, Arrow Keys to Rotate.
It might lag a lot on slow computers or with high resolutions, so play it on https://sulfurous.aau.at/#199174249 where it runs extremely fast, even at highest resolution!

About the Project: I thought about making a 3d world with textures and height. The problem is that scratch is just way too slow to handle this, so I spent lots of time optimizing my 3d texture engine. Then I used @griffpatch's 3d raycaster engine to render these textures in a 3d world with height! Sadly, it is still slow, but it is kind of cool to look at. This is probably the closest you can get to a doom style game on scratch.

-The 3d raycaster engine was created by @griffpatch.
-The texture rendering was programmed by me, @Spidertest.
-Thanks to @kevin_eleven_1234 for the texture images.

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