☆ Couch Potato - A Comic ☆

by Foxlyn
See inside
Notes and Credits


Hello everyone! I hadn't made an original project in a while,
and I got the idea for this comic last night, so enjoy!
Also, my eyes hurt from staring at my screen so long.

(Press the arrow keys/space to read the comic)

this was featured! I just saw my mail box, and was like "uhhh"
and I looked at the front page and just...oh my. Thank you so
so so much to the scratch team and @Skyro35, who suggested
it to be featured!
Date featured: 9 February 2018 - (in Australia)

I probably won't reply to all comments, but I will try to reply
to most of them. Remember, no hate in the comments, and
no advertising. It will be deleted/reported.
The Story of my life... xD


=☆ N o t e s & C r e d i t s :

• Art, storyline me, @Foxlyn

• Credit to potatoes

• Couches

• Whoever came up with the term "couch potato"

• Edit: @Amateurscratch has made a remix with a different
ending: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/201924458/ :3


=☆ I n s t r u c t i o n s :

• Click the arrow keys / space to go the the next slide

• Enjoy!


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