RPG Scratch Cat DEMO remix (for cs79495)

See inside

for @cs794953
arrow keys to move
spacebar to interact
2 to open inventory 1 to close inventory
how to play:
1. talk to bear
2. talk to bear again
3. get lawnmower (it says mwr as in mower)
4. open inventory (2) it automaticly closes for the lawnmower
5. talk to bear again after mower mows grass
6. talk to munsta
7. that's it!

Notes and Credits (added by DanTheScratchCrafter)

dear @cs794953 please backpack the stuff I added and put it in the game it took me a while to make these additions as you add different areas to the game I will change the project to add more characters, 1 quest (depending on the area) and please do in the next area make sure it continues the last quest in this area and make the inventory more efficient if you can as it only has the extra costume showing the lawnmower inside it thank you for reading this and I hope you will add these things -dan

Shared: 22 Jan 2018 Modified: 26 Jan 2018
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