~ This Is Me ~ Part 26 ~

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heh this is my first time animating sorry it sucks >.<
and it took me F O R E V E R
it's for @PokemonScratch101's MAP

and it doesn't make any sense
or go with the lyrics
and i'm not really sure what he's wearing...?
like, maybe a toga?

so sorry :P

but, um, let me explain the storyline I guess?
basically this is about a (new!) OC of mine who is FtM transgender
and basically he's kinda scared to come out and stuf
and so he's sad :'(
but then i guess he kinda accepts himself?
and he cuts his hair and he's a happy bean because he can finally be himself
end of story :3

and here's his bio because why not
William//He/Him//Gay :P//14//Outgoing, friendly, but he has stage fright. He likes spending time with his friends, but he also loves to draw and listen to country music. He plays the piano, paints pottery and he loves soccer//He's FtM trans


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