Rolling on Slopes 2.0

See inside

Play around with it and try clicking stuff! :)

Full Instructions (if you want spoilers instead of playing around):
- Click with the mouse still in Run Mode (normal background) to create a ball.
- Click and drag in either mode to scroll (unless you are drawing platforms; see details below).
- Click the top three buttons to zoom in, zoom out, or change the display mode.
- Click the bottom-left button to change modes between Run and Edit.
- In edit mode, the first button creates a basic line. The second creates a cannon, and the longer a cannon is, the more powerful it shoots. The third can be toggled, and draws a line starting from one mouse click to another. The fourth can also be toggled and deletes any lines (or balls) that are clicked on.
- While drawing platforms, click on the third button again or any other edit button (bottom-left corner) to turn drawing off.
- While not drawing or deleting platforms, you can click and drag on a platform's points to move them.
- The two arrow buttons in edit mode are Save and Load buttons. Follow the instructions given after clicking each one. Note that the Load button will not delete your current design, but add on to it (so try making a structure that someone could add!).
- Have fun! That should be all you need to know, but there's a lot in there and I may have forgotten something. :)

You CAN run it in sulfurous, but note that you won't be able to save your design:

Notes and Credits

Well... this is it! ᕕ( ͡⎚ ͜ʖ ͡⎚)ᕗ
Took me 6-7 hours (over a couple weeks) and a whole lot of coding.
I'd say this is my best yet most complicated project so far, and I'm certainly proud of it.

Top loved! :D 2/14/18
And it just happens to be Valentine's Day!
For the second time now, this is a top loved project that isn't art, an animation, or a fancy game (it's kind of a game but more of a simulation, if you will). Math and physics nerds represent! :)

Here's an example code if you want to load it:

Or here's one that sorts the balls by size:

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