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make sure you hold down the letters for around a second. press when you are drawing a level to test it, and press when you want to save it, press if you want to edit the level you are playing, and to saves it. to enter a code, just copy and paste the code into the answer box, to play a saved level, typeand then type the number of your level plus to, so the first level you made would be"/3", the second level you made would be"/4" e.t.c. to play a ready made level type in "/1" or "/2" if you touch yellow, you go onto the next level design. to get a level code after you have drawn a level, download the project, and open the level codes list, then highlight the entry under the number you typ to play it, please do post level codes and love it. i will add any good level designs to the default levels! please love it and i will make a debug.

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